Citizens Against Child Sexual Abuse

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Do you still remember the case of Richard Huckle, the British peadophile who abused hundreds of Malaysian children?

Child sexual abuse cases has attracted an unprecedented amount of attention in recent months. The horrors of these cases are actually in knowing that there are many more unreported cases, and that there are no effective laws in prevention of sexual grooming, online sexual crimes and even child pornography. "Experts have hailed the second meeting of the sexual crimes task force as a major breakthrough in the battle against child sexual exploitation. The task force presented a preliminary draft of its proposed child sexual crimes Bill at yesterday’s meeting, and it addressed a wide range of long-standing issues in child protection laws."

In an effort to request for Members of Parliament in Malaysia to support the new bill being presented on child sexual abuse prevention, a group of mothers with the support from a coalition of NGOs (Citizens Against Child Sexual Abuse), consisting of prominent NGOs like NGOHub, Protect & Save the Children, RAG.E and Voice of the Children is calling for the public to sign a petition.

This is a chance for Malaysia to make progress in protecting children from abuse by child predators.

By signing this petition, we support the new legislation on sexual crimes against children, including:
1) For harsh penalty on child predators
2) Free from child sexual grooming
3) Free from child pornography
4) Against sexual offenses on children
5) Free from child trafficking


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