About Us

ngohub.asia Initiative

ngohub.asia is a platform developed by SOLS 247 and our founding partner 7-Eleven. This platform is for non-profit organisations and individuals to find the resources they need to grow and contribute more in whichever field they’re working in, to develop the third sector in Asia.

ngohub.asia members can look forward to:

  • NGO profiling
  • Volunteer positions
  • Volunteer feedback and testimonials
  • Small grant awards
  • Event listing
  • Project listing
  • ...and much more


Our Mission

To provide visibility, resources and connections for NGOs and a structured volunteer platform with verified placement and donor opportunities for individuals who care.


ngohub.asia Team

Made up of staff, volunteers from SOLS 24/7 Malaysia and partners, the ngohub.asia team is committed to changing the NGO and volunteering landscape in Malaysia. SOLS 24/7 Malaysia is an award-winning humanitarian organization, committed to empowering underserved communities.