Pertubuhan Pusat Kebajikan Destiny, PPM-010-10-05122016

Klang, Malaysia
Added on 2016-12-19

A place to empower kids and adults who are refugees and from underprivileged and dysfunctional families. Kids who are between 2 to 6 years old are sent to this Centre so that mothers can go to work. Adults are given skills to enhance their finances in order for them to have a better living. The kids in the centre are given education, character building, taught on simple lifestyle of living in good hygiene and a clean environment. A computer room for adults to learn and also a safe environment for teens to come and do their school assignments. A Library in order for volunteers to buddy with another less fortunate kid on a journey to build their confidence in studies. A safe place for all to come and be empowered through love to have a better destiny in their personal lives.

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