Persatuan Kebajikan Kehidupan Harapan Petaling, Selangor. (Living Hope)

SELANGOR, Malaysia
Added on 2016-07-26

To be the voice of the unheard cries of the poor, needy, and marginalized children living in Malaysia and internationally. To provide food and education to the poorest of the poor children and to give them a LIVING HOPE for a better tomorrow. To date living hope Malaysia,through its Partners in Charity have touched thousands and thousands of young lives of through "One Egg - One Child" Feeding Program, "Channel of Hope" Distribution Program and "Festivities-on-Wheels" Program, Special Events, 110 Mini Toy and Book Libraries, 5 Education Resource Centre in 14 States of Malaysia since we started in July 2007. We have also built 3 kindergartens in Sarawak. However, there is still 1 million children out there that needs assistance. Living Hope has also extended its love and compassion to the children of Singapore, Philippines, India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Australia, Myanmar, Nepal and West Africa (Ghana).

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